The Quotation In Vanadium Market Is Stable And Declining This week, steel mills purchased less, and overall trading of ferrovanadium and VN alloy slowed down. The price of vanadium was stable and declining. The quotation of VN alloy manufacturers is 144000-145000 yuan / ton by cash, the quotation of ferrovanadium is 100000-103000 yuan / ton by cash, the quotation of V2O5 flake is 93000 yuan / ton, the quotation of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate is 91000-92000 yuan / ton, which is about 10000 yuan / ton lower than that of last weekend.

In terms of the situation of steel bidding this month, the steel mills were active in purchasing in the first half of December. The open bidding volume of CN alloy is more than 1000 tons, and some small steel mills purchase it once a week. In the past week, the bidding price of VN alloy was mostly around 148000 yuan / ton with tax.