The Quotation Of Brazil Ferroniobium Bulk Cargo Slightly Lower At present, the quotation of Brazil imported ferroniobium65% bulk cargo decreased slightly, and dropped slightly to about 191000 yuan / ton. The long-term quotation of some traders is stable at about 195000 yuan / ton, and the main supply direction is long-term cooperative customers. It is understood that the quoted price of ferroniobium bulk cargo with particle size of 1-5mm is about 181000 yuan / ton, and the quotation of ferroniobium lumpy with particle size of 10-50mm is 192000-195000 yuan / ton, while the quotation of domestic ferroniobium is still at a high price of about 210000 yuan / ton.
Some domestic suppliers said that although the current market weakness is not obvious for the time being, the supply is relatively sufficient. The bulk cargo transaction tends to be low, and the quotation is about 191000-192000 yuan / ton. At the same time, due
to the relatively stable cost, the market price of ferroniobium is expected to fluctuate slightly.