The Quotation Of Vanadium Alloy Increased Slightly Last week, the bidding price of VN alloy increased slightly, which boosted the vanadium market. The attitude of alloy factories was gradually optimistic, the quotation was slightly increased, the enthusiasm of purchasing raw materials was increased, and the inquiry was increased. The large factories sold V2O5 flakes smoothly, and the retail investors were reluctant to sell V2O5 flake at a low price.
The quotation of ammonium metavanadate manufacturer is no less than 80000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, and the transaction is still in deadlock. Chemical enterprises purchase based on their demand, and willing to accept the price of 80000 yuan / ton by cash, purchasing with the market price. VN alloy manufacturers refer to the transaction price of V2O5 flake, and the intended purchase price of ammonium metavanadate shall not be higher than 78000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, so it is difficult for the VN alloy plants to purchase, and the transaction is relatively small.
This month, the large V2O5 flake plants have basically completed the signing, retail investors are reluctant to sell, and there are few quotations, and some of the cargo holders offer a small amount of V2O5 flake at 81000-82000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. Downstream alloy plants have different attitudes towards purchasing V2O5 flakes. Some manufacturers are currently in the state of production to complete the previous orders, and the raw materials are sufficient for the time being, so they postponed new procurement. Their intended purchase price of V2O5 flake is not higher than 80500 yuan / ton by cash with tax; Some manufacturers are optimistic about the stable or better price of V2O5 flake in the short and later period, and they are willing to accept the purchasing price of 81000 yuan / ton by cash with active inquiry.
The quotation of ferrovanadium was raised but there was still not any deals made. The guiding price of Pangang’s FeV50 was slightly increased by 1000 yuan / ton to 91000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and other manufacturers offered at 90000-91000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. The manufacturers purchased raw materials according to their orders. At present, there is a lack of high-level transaction and less terminal inquiry.
The quotation of VN alloy increased, and we will wait for the bidding of steel plants at the end of the month. As the transaction of V2O5 flakes is getting better, the quotation of VN alloy manufacturers has been raised to 127000-130000 yuan / ton by cash, with a strong mentality. Purchasers said that it is difficult to inquire about spot goods of VN alloy, and there is little quotation, so it is difficult to purchase at low price. Today, Pangang’s quotation was raised to 132000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, supporting the price and stabilizing the market. At present, high-level transaction of VN alloy is still less, traders are more cautious in purchasing, waiting to see the trend of bidding price at the end of the month.