The Quotation Of Vanadium Enterprises Remains Stable And Rising At the beginning of the week, the prices of various domestic vanadium products were firm, including 91000-93000 yuan / ton for ammonium metavanadate, 93000 yuan / ton for V2O5 flake of bulk market, 96000 yuan / ton for V2O5 flakes of large mines, 14000 yuan / ton for VN alloy and 98000 yuan / ton for FeV50. The downstream alloy manufacturers showed relatively strong performance. Last week, the current price of VN alloy was around 139000 yuan / ton. This week’s quotation slightly increased, and the market mentality was relatively strong. Last week, although FeV market inquiry less, with the tightened supply of low-cost goods, the manufacturers’ offer also increased.

From last week’s steel bidding market, the steel bidding price of VN alloy is relatively stable, which is no less than 142000 yuan / ton of by acceptance with tax, and the high turnover is at 142700 / ton of by acceptance with tax. In the past month, the steel bidding price of VN alloy is stable, and it is relatively difficult for steel plants to reduce the price again. In the short term, the  steel bidding price of VN alloyis stable and firm.