The Quotation Of Vanadium Market Is Slightly Low Since the beginning of this week, the vanadium market continued its weak trend. The spot market is positive, the transaction price dropped slightly, the transaction at alloy market is not much, and the price performance is not optimistic. Some low price transaction information spread in the market, which had a certain negative impact on the future market mentality.
Up to now, the main purchasing price of V2O5 flake from VN alloy manufacturers is about 103000 yuan / ton in cash. If the price is higher, the willingness of manufacturers to accept is lower, and the spot transaction price in Panzhihua is also around this level. At present, there are few transactions in the market of ammonium metavanadate. Compared with last week, the price of ammonium metavanadate is slightly weaker than that of last week. The amount of ammonium metavanadate moving towards metallurgical direction has been reduced. Chemical grade V2O5 powder manufacturers are more cautious in purchasing. The later market is slightly weak under the influence of vanadium pentoxide, but it is expected that there is little room for downward adjustment.
Compared with last week, there is no big fluctuation in ferrovanadium market this week. The spot price is still around 106000-108000 yuan / ton in cash. The actual transaction price is about 106000 yuan / ton. The ideal price of the manufacturer is about 108000 yuan / ton in cash, which is not easy to deal with.
At present, the VN alloy market is waiting for bidding of steel plants. Some suppliers in the market are pessimistic about the later market and have low quotation to promote the transaction. According to our understanding, the mainstream quotation of VN alloy is 162000-164000 yuan / ton in cash. It is difficult to deal with such price in retail market except manufacturers’ supply for regular customers. At present, there are different low-price transaction information in the market, which aggravates the market pessimism. However, some manufacturers say that after entering September to October, the traditional peak season of steel demand will come, and there will be some support on the demand. It is expected that the space for the overall vanadium market to decline is not large.