The Quotation Of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Is Raised, And The High-Level Transaction Of Ferrovanadium Needs To Be Followed Up Retail V2O5 flake quotations continued to rise to 110,000-111,000 CNY/T by cash, and the actual transaction was around 109,000-110,000 CNY/T by cash; most alloy plants’ purchase intention prices were still within 109,000 CNY/T by cash.

Vanadium-nitrogen alloys: Costs continue to rise, and the quotations of vanadium-nitrogen plants have been forced to increase. Today’s quotations are concentrated at 168,000-170,000 CNY/T by cash; actual market transactions are still small, and some scattered and small orders are traded at around 165,000-166,000 CNY/T by cash. Under the pressure of production, manufacturers have a strong attitude to raise price, and some expressed that they were unwilling to ship less than 165,000 CNY/T by cash.

Ferrovanadium: The price of ferrovanadium manufacturers is around 120,000-122,000 CNY/T by cash. They are not willing to ship at low prices, but high-level transactions still need to be followed up. Some manufacturers reported that it is difficult to purchase raw materials recently, raw material inventory being in a hurry, and there are still some pre-orders that need to be delivered, so they are not in a hurry to take orders in the short term, and the feeling of reluctance to sell gradually rises.

The overall transaction of vanadium alloy is not much for the time being, but the overall price is stable and slightly upward. Need to continue to pay attention to the mid-term steel plant bidding situation.