The Quotation Of VN Alloy Is Stable Yesterday, with the bidding price of VN alloy of some steel plants being finalized at 130000-133000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and the large V2O5 flake factories determined the price at 83500 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax(82000 yuan / ton by cash with tax), the market confidence is improved, the quotation of manufacturers is stable and stronger, and the inquiry of raw materThe bidding for vanadium alloy is concentrated this week. At present, the bidding price of some steel mills is relatively clear. The bidding price of VN alloy is 131000-133000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and the price of 50 ferrovanadium is 91000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax. The price quoted by the VN alloy factories was stable at 130000-132000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, and the quotation of FeV manufacturers is 91000-92000 yuan/ton by cash. The inquiry price of traders was relatively low and the transaction was deadlocked. Some manufacturers said that they would not accept orders temporarily, and the purchase price of raw materials was not clear; some manufacturers had a small amount of spot goods, and their prices were on the high side.

Based on the current transaction price of the alloy, the purchase price of the V2O5 flake is about 82000-83000 yuan / ton by cash when the alloy factory has a slight profit. At present, the vanadium market tends to be stable and strong. The alloy factory’s inquiry for raw material is relatively active. However, the quotation of retail investors for V2O5 flakes is relatively less, and some suppliers offer at 83500-84000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, which makes it difficult to deal. The alloy factories have low intention to purchase such high price of V2O5 flake, waiting to see the bidding price of steel plants and shipping of large V2O5 flake factories.