The Quotations Of V2O5 Flake Are High And A Small Number Of Orders Accepted By V-n Alloy Plants At the beginning of the week, the inquiry in vanadium market was active. Some vanadium enterprises continued to wait and see, and the high quotation is CNY 95,000/, with few transaction. The inquiry price of V-N alloy from the trader is CNY 145,000/t, and manufacturers are unwilling to accept orders. At present, the quotation of V2O5 flake in bulk market is CNY a little chaotic, and some traders are interested in speculation, but the bidding price of V-N alloy is not optimistic, with a downward trend.

It’s hard to make deals in bulk V2O5 flake at a high price. According to the feedback from downstream alloy plants, the sales of large V2O5 flake plants are not smooth, and the acceptance price of CNY 100,000/t is too high for alloy plants, so they have no plan to purchase and wait for price to drop. At present, there is no intention to adjust the price of the large plants, and they continue to wait and see the market trend. In the short term, the bidding price of V-N alloy will keep stable this week, and it is difficult to support the price of V2O5 flake.