The Quotations Of Vanadium Enterprises Edge Down And Terminal Demand Is Weak In the first week after the National Day, some vanadium enterprises began to lower their quotations slightly, dropping by CNY 1,000/t to CNY 127,000-128,000/t for V2O5 flake, a reduction of CNY 1,000-2,000/t to CNY 132,000-133,000/t by cash for ferrovanadium, and the quotation of vanadium-nitrogen alloy edges down to CNY 193,000-194,000/t by cash. The cost price of V2O5 flake remains high. The order price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy ranges from CNY 194,000-195,000/t by cash, but the spot quotation has been lowered to CNY 193,000/t. There is no price advantage for the manufacturers to place an order, and there are fewer inquiries from terminal steel mills. Traders are difficult to purchase at low prices and the market is stagnant.

In the mid-month, terminal demand is weak and the trading is sluggish. Some vanadium enterprises may gradually have inventory pressure, and vanadium prices are weak and in a stalemate.