The Rrading of Ferrovanadium is Sluggish and The Price is Deadlocked Since large vanadium factories set the price last week , vanadium overall price was strong. Although the deal was not much, the market offer slightly edged up and stop falling. The offer of Panzhihua 50# ferrovanadium was CNY 180,000/t by acceptance, while the cash price of vanadium plants was  CNY 175,000-178,000/t including tax, with less inquires and light transaction. Part of ferrovanadium plants recently purchase price of raw materials was  CNY 170,000/t by acceptance, preparing for the next round of steel bidding. If the latter vanadium price could be stable or stable in progress, ferrovanadium plants may barely sustained, but not high profits. If ferrovanadium plants with raw materials could hold firm to the end of month, they would not choose to purchase. The afternoon market trend was unclear, so they preferred to take action after waiting and see the month-end steel bidding situation.