On April 22, 18 tons of 99.5% high-purity vanadium powder of HBIS was sold to Eurpean big customers. After strict inspection, the product quality and performance indicators fully meet the requirements of customization. In the first quarter, the sales volume of high-quality vanadium products of HBIS increased by 44.3% year on year, and 5 new customers were successfully developed. The products are applied in 4 emerging fields such as biological engineering, chemical industry and medical treatment, and the product qualification rate and contract exchange rate are both stable at 100%.

Since this year, HBIS vanadium and titanium part has conducted in-depth research on the market and customers, re-established a new mechanism to connect the market and clients, conducted full coverage analysis and in-depth research on key areas and customers, fully grasped the market demand, and vigorously cultivated high-end and terminal customers. High quality resources is increased by tilting and configuration, further following up new fields and new industries such as a variety of ways, expanding the vanadium high-quality products sales.

According to market supply and demand analysis, research results and customer demand, implement diversified, small, short cycle production organization model, improve the ability of rapid organization of customized products. Set up a joint research and development platform with high-end customers, and the targeted products such as 50 ferrovanadium , 55 FeVN and 45% high-grade titanium concentrate have been highly recognized by customers. At the same time, closely relying on the Degao International Marketing Platform, it optimized and selected international high-end customers and extended the sales field and chain. The sales field of vanadium and titanium new materials continued to expand. The export volume of ferrovanadium, vanadium aluminum alloy and other high-end vanadium and titanium new materials increased by 5.42 percent year-on-year.