The Sales Enthusiasm Of Ammonium Metavanadate Manufacturers Is Not High The sales volume of ammonium metavanadate market is weak and the shipment is less. Some manufacturers produce normally, but not willing to sell, so it is difficult for downstream manufacturers to purchase.
A small number of ammonium metavanadate manufacturers do not sell much, mainly for their own plants to process into V2O5 powder. The manufacturers who stopped production said that their production cost was too high and the current market price could not support to resume production.
Upstream and downstream manufacturers are still in a standoff, and some ammonium metavanadate manufacturers said that the inquiry was not particularly positive. At present, the quoted price is on the high side of 80000-82000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, but the actual transaction should be slightly lower. A few ammonium metavanadate manufacturers ship to chemical plants at a higher price. For the future development trend, most manufacturers say that the trend is more likely to be stable.