The Stock Analysis of Ferrovanadium Enterprises in June In the first half of June, the ferrovanadium market rose slightly with the rise of the vanadium market, and the vanadium plants did not adjust their prices. The high production enthusiasm of ferrovanadium plant has increased the output by about 400 tons compared with last month. In mid-June, the operation of traders tightened the supply of V2O5 flake, and some manufacturers purchased raw materials eagerly. In late June, a large number of steel tenders did not boost the market, and the market continued to weaken. Ferrovanadium market inquiries were less, resulting in a certain inventory of manufacturers at the end of the month, and the overall inventory also increased than that in May.

According to the incomplete statistics of 37 ferrovanadium production enterprises, the stock of ferrovanadium enterprises is about 430 tons, 110 tons more than that in May.

Number of enterprises
Stock in June(Ton)
Compared with last month(Ton)