www.ferroalloynet.com: In May, the output of vanadium pentoxide powder vanadium increased by about 160 tons compared with April, but the price was still declining. It was not easy to conclude the transaction in the first half of May. Although the purchase volume increased in the second half of May, it only had a great impact on metallurgical vanadium pentoxide powder. In the case of a shortage of vanadium pentoxide flake, vanadium alloy plants were active in purchasing metallurgical vanadium pentoxide powder. At the end of the month, excepting for a small amount of metallurgical vanadium pentoxide powder waiting for the price to rise, most of them were chemical vanadium pentoxide powder.

During the period of price decline, it is difficult to reduce the price of chemical vanadium pentoxide powder. Its price is always higher than that of metallurgical vanadium pentoxide powder which has the same grade. Chemical enterprises are waiting for the price drop to purchase, so up to now, the stock of chemical vanadium pentoxide powder is sufficient.

According to the incomplete statistics of 36 vanadium pentoxide (powder) production enterprises, the stock is about 213 tons at the end of May 2019, about 65 tons more than the previous month.

Stock in May(Ton)
Stock compared with April(Ton)
vanadium pentoxide
↑ 65