The Stock Analysis Of Vanadium Pentoxide Powder In September Affected by environmental protection in September, the output of ammonium metavanadate decreased by 120 tons compared with August, and the output of V2O5 powder decreased by 140 tons. Metallurgical V2O5 powder still accounts for a small proportion under the pressure from V2O5 flake. In the case of stable terminal demand, the stocks of V2O5 powder at he end of September have decreased slightly compared with August, and most of them belongs to chemical V2O5 powder.

According to the incomplete statistics of 36 vanadium pentoxide (powder) production enterprises, the stock is about 105 tons at the end of September 2019, about 15 tons less than the previous month.

Stock in Sep.(Ton)
Stock compared with Aug.(Ton)
Vanadium pentoxide