The Stock Analysis on Vanadium Pentoxide Powder in April,2019 The output of vanadium pentoxide powder enterprises has fallen by about a third in April from March, but the stock is still not much less than last month. The main factors are: 1. The downstream vanadium-nitrogen alloy transaction is less, vanadium-nitrogen plants purchase less raw materials. 2. Vanadium pentoxide flake is abundant, and the price is comparable to that of vanadium powder. Some vanadium-nitrogen plants purchase vanadium from large factories due to long-term cooperation. 3. Maintenance and shutdown of some vanadium-nitrogen plants and accumulation of raw materials.

According to the incomplete statistics of 36 vanadium pentoxide (powder) production enterprises, at the end of April 2019, the stock is about 148 tons, only about 7 tons less than last month.

Stock in Apr.(Ton)
Compared with Mar.(Ton)
Vanadium pentoxide