The Suez Canal Is Blocked Again to news on April 6th, the Suez Canal, which was blocked by the “Longsong Ship” stranding accident not long ago, had another accident.

According to local Egyptian media reports, an Italian oil tanker named “Rumford” was trapped in the Great Bitter Lake section of the Suez Canal due to a ship engine failure, causing the canal to be suspended.

Fortunately, this matter was quickly resolved, and shipping on the Suez Canal has resumed.  Judging from the real-time trajectory of the ship, the Rumford has moved into the Great Bitter Lake. However, the many northbound ships behind it seemed to be a little worried and were still moving slowly.  Chairman of the Canal Authority: The Suez Canal is safe  Usama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, issued a statement on April 5, making a series of factual clarifications and comments on the stranding of the “Long Grant” giant cargo ship in the Suez Canal and world media review.

Rabie said in the statement that the Suez Canal Authority has been working hard to ensure the orderly navigation of the canal and has resolved the ship stranded crisis through its own professional capabilities. The administration dispatched 15 tugboats, and nearly 600 personnel from various departments in the overall situation participated in the crisis management.

Rabiet emphasized that the Suez Canal Authority’s goal is to increase maritime rescue capabilities in the future, including the introduction of a large number of giant tugboats with powerful traction to adapt to the latest developments in the field of maritime transportation and the development of global shipyards to build giant cargo ships. trend.
Since the second half of last year, the international shipping market has been affected by factors such as container shortages and trade recovery. The shipping capacity has already been very tight, and the shipping price has been at a high level. Blocking the Suez Canal is tantamount to “sprinkling salt on the wound” of the shipping market.