The Supply Of Raw Materials Is Sufficient And The Market Is Quiet At present, the fluctuation in the upstream and downstream of the vanadium market is not obvious. The raw material price is slightly weak, but it is not easy to fall. The quotation of ferrovanadium bulk cargo is firm and the transaction price remains stable. There is still a gap between the bidding price of VN alloy and the transaction price of bulk goods. The demand in the middle of the month is weak; the market is not bullish and mainly stable. Some people in the industry are worried about the source of imported goods, and the vanadium market continues to stagnate in the short term.
At present, the transaction price of V2O5 flake is between 105000 yuan / ton and 105500 yuan / ton in cash. Large factories and some processing plants insist on the price of 105500 yuan / ton in cash, while the quotation of bulk market is unified at 105000 yuan / ton in cash, including domestic V2O5 flake 98% and some imported V2O5 flake 99%. There are a lot of supply sources for bulk goods, and they are also reluctant to ship at a lower price. In the short term, the situation remains stalemate and some alloy factories can still accept this price when they purchase on demand. With the price of ferrovanadium slightly firming, it is expected that the demand for V2O5 flake in ferrovanadium processing plants will increase to some extent.
As of today, we have received the market quotation of ferrovanadium in the range of 106000-108000 yuan / ton in cash, while the actual transaction price of ferrovanadium in bulk market is 105000 yuan / ton. The mainstream market price is 106000-106500 yuan / ton in cash. Some orders of manufacturers are about 107000 yuan / ton, and it is difficult to deal with the price of 108000 yuan / ton in cash temporarily. The inquiry for ferrovanadium of large factories is increased, but the source in bulk market is limited, so the owner offers a high price to wait for the transaction. At this time, the manufacturers can produce with small profit through purchasing V2O5 flake of 105000 yuan / ton in cash.
At present, most of VN alloy manufacturers’ quotations are 165000 yuan / ton in cash, and the quotations of bulk goods and small factories are 163000-163500 yuan / ton. It is still difficult for traders to inquire at 162000 yuan / ton. The bidding price of steel mills is basically high in the market. At present, the bidding price of some steel mills with small consumption is 168000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the price of VN alloy manufacturers directly supplied to steel plants is 165000 yuan / ton in cash and 167000-167500 yuan / ton by acceptance.