The supply of vanadium raw materials has increased and transaction price has decreased

Date: Mar 5, 2019  Recently, the shipments of vanadium raw materials such as ammonium metavanadate and vanadium flake have increased slightly. Especially for the retailing market, the quotation remains high and the actual transaction lags behind a little. At present, retailing vanadium quotation is still between CNY 240,000/t and CNY 250,000/t, the actual transaction price is around CNY 240,000/t. The offer of ammonium metavanadate is between CNY 230,000/tand CNY 240,000/t with small amout of supply, however, it is difficult for the buyers to accept the high price, and the actual transaction approaches to a low level. The price of downstream vanadium, vanadium nitrogen alloy also has a small increase, and the market is holding a slightly pessimistic attitude.

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