The Transaction Of Raw Material Market Is Not Smooth Today’s quotations of vanadium products are as follows: ammonium metavanadate 98%: 76000-78000 yuan / ton; V2O5 flake: 79000-80000 yuan / ton; FeV50: 89000-90000 yuan / ton; VN alloy: 122000-124000 yuan / ton, all of which are by cash including tax.
Due to the strong quotation of V2O5 flake, it is difficult to purchase with 78000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. A small number of suppliers offer at 79000-80000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, and some manufacturers are reluctant to offer for the time being. Therefore, the quotations of downstream alloy manufacturers are adjusted synchronously, and the quotation of VN alloy is higher than 122000 yuan / ton by cash with tax and the quotation of FeV50 is 89000-90000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. It is not easy to purchase raw materials, therefore manufacturers are more cautious to quote.
At present, the vanadium market is in a stalemate state. The price quoted by large factories is on the high side and no new orders signed by them yet. The retail suppliers are reluctant to sell at a low price, and the quotation of alloy manufacturers increased slightly. The transaction price of retail market is slightly higher than the tender price of steel plants. However, alloy factories still dare not purchase high-price V2O5 easily, and the transaction of raw materials falls into a deadlock.