The Transactions In Bulk Vanadium Alloy Market Are Deadlocked Recently, the steel mills are relatively active in purchasing, and the inquiries about V2O5 flake are increasing. However, vanadium alloy transactions in bulk market are not optimistic, and the situation is slightly stalemate. Most of the VN alloy manufacturers offer firm prices, and the intention of low-cost sale is low. At present, the purchase prices of VN alloy in the mainstream medium and large steel mills have not exceeded the threshold of 150,000 yuan / ton. Due to the limited space for price increase, only by controlling the cost of the V2O5 flake, can the manufacturers maintain the cost or increase the profit.

It is said that yesterday the large V2O5 flake factories in the market intend to adjust their price. Although Travic, Desheng and Jianlong said that the price was still under discussion, some VN alloy manufacturers said that the price adjustment was a inevitable outcome. In recent two months, Changxie alloy factory has been inverted production, and the price of V2O5 flake in large factories are on the high side, leaving little profit space for manufacturers. As soon as the market falls, the losses will be serious and the advantages of long-term cooperative relationship will not preserved.