www.ferroalloynet.com:This week, the prices of vanadium products in the upstream and downstream market have recovered slightly. However, due to the lack of demand of steel bidding, the inquiry price of traders is relatively low, and the alloy end is basically in a state of no market. At the raw material end, the price of bulk goods was raised to 94000-94500 yuan / ton. Vanadium alloy has a light trading volume. Although not easy to purchase raw materials, the manufactures are reluctant to purchase high-priced V2O5 flake. The highest price for V2O5 flake is only 93000 yuan / ton by acceptance. At present, there is no new high trading price in the market. Therefore, the upstream and downstream products of vanadium system are all in a stalemate situation.

At present, the price quoted by vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers is not less than 140000 yuan / ton by cash. Some manufacturers offer 142000-145000 yuan / ton. Recently, it is difficult for traders to purchase at a price of 139000 yuan / ton by cash. The previous low price of FEV was recovered, and the low price was increased by about 1000 yuan / ton. At present, the quotation is basically at the level of 97500-99000 yuan / ton by cash, but the transactions of ferrovanadium plant is also relatively light, and the driven force to product of the manufactures is insufficient.

In the current situation, this status is expected to continue in the short term. It is difficult for large-scale V2O5 flake plants to accept the high alloy end quoted . But at the same time, the alloy factory also said that if the price of large factories is reduced, the alloy products also have the risk of price decline. The follow-up dynamics of alloy plants and raw materials, as well as the upcoming steel bidding in May, will be the key to the later market price fluctuation.