www.ferroalloynet.com The overall trend of domestic vanadium price this week is still decreasing, similar to the reason for the price decline of most products in the alloy market. The main reason for this price decline is the large-area limited production overhaul caused by large inventory of steel mills. Compared with the market price last Friday, the price of vanadium in this week has dropped about 1000-1500 yuan / ton, the price of ferrovanadium has dropped about 3000 yuan / ton, and the price of vanadium nitrogen alloy has dropped about 5000 yuan / ton, and the price of alloy end dropped significantly.

In terms of market quotation, at present, the external quotation of bulk and small-scale vanadium is still around 95500-96000 yuan / ton by cash, and the mainstream price of actual transaction is still 95000 yuan / ton, and a small amount of low-cost transaction is 94500 yuan / ton; the quotation of manufacturers and traders in ferrovanadium market pulls out the price difference, and the quotation of ferrovanadium outside the furnace of most manufacturers is not less than 103000 yuan / ton by cash, and that of ferrovanadium in electric furnace is 104000-105000 yuan / ton,

The price of FEV outside the furnace has been quoted to 100000 yuan / ton in bulk market, and FEV in the electric furnace is only quoted to 101000 yuan / ton; the price in the vanadium nitrogen alloy market is between 154000-155000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the price of some manufacturers is 149000 yuan / ton by cash, and the lower price of 147000 yuan / ton is quoted by some traders in the bulk market to clinch a deal. As a whole, the vanadium alloy market is chaotic, and the bulk goods are full of the spot market, In the future, it is expected that the flow of bulk cargo will continue to affect the alloy price.

In terms of steel mill procurement, this week’s steel bidding procurement volume is small. At the beginning of this week, the bidding price of a few steel mills for a small amount of replenishment also directly lowered the overall vanadium price. After that, the vanadium price continued to decline, and the steel mills were more hesitant on procurement. Some steel mills said that their current demand is not large, plus the price is going down, and they will appropriately postpone the procurement of vanadium alloy. Next week, the current vanadium price decline slightly slowed down. \There will be a slight increase in purchasing next week, but vanadium alloy is still difficult to stabilize in terms of current price.