The Vanadium Market Is Weak And The Trading Is Slack T At The Beginning Of The Week At the beginning of the week, there was no new deal and no offer in vanadium market, prices are in a stalemate. As of the end of last week, the market price of V2O5 flake was still around CNY 110,000/t, and some vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants received lower quotations, but they had not purchase due to the downward price. In terms of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, the market pays more attention to the final pricing of ZENITH and Nanjing Steel. This week, many steel mills including Benxi Steel, Anhui Changjiang, Fujian Sangang will also enter the market for procurement. The overall situation is still not optimistic. The sales price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers is still around CNY 172,000/t. There is a small amount of spot traded at the price of CNY 169,000/t in bulk market.

The long-term decline in the European market has a significant impact on the domestic market, and subsequent import resources may become more. The future vanadium market will mainly stop production and reduce production, the steel bidding at the end of the month may still bring pressure.