The Vanadium Market Keeps Weak And More Alloy Plants Cut And Stop Production This week, the decline in vanadium prices has slowed down. The purchase price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in ZENITH ha not been determined yet, which was delayed to next Monday. Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes will also send tenders next week. The tenders for V-N alloy in Anhui Changjiang, Laigang and Fujian Sanming will be carried out in succession next week. The steel mills press the price to purchase. Vanadium enterprises may be in a passive state, and the vanadium market tends to weaken in the short term.

The price of vanadium has been falling continuously, the loss of manufacturers has been increasing, and more vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers have stopped production. This month, about 4-5 vanadium-nitrogen plants have shutdown, and some of them have reduced production. Ferrovanadium market is more sluggish, terminal demand is weak, and it is difficult for small factories to receive orders. Although there are inquiries in domestic and foreign market, the price of vanadium in Europe is much lower than that in China, so it is impossible to make a deal.

As a whole, there are many sources of vanadium products, the stock of alloy plants is also increasing gradually, and the production pressure of the upstream small raw material plant has also increased. If vanadium prices continue to decline, small raw material plants will also have the trend of production reduction or shutdown.