The Vanadium Market Price Is Firm, While Raw Material Bulk Is Still Tight At the beginning of the week, the price of vanadium changed little compared with that of last Friday. At present,there are just a few manufacturers offered the prices. From last week’s steel bidding situation, the vanadium market price is stable , and the alloy price slowly push up. Due to the small quantity of bulk V2O5 flakes, the price is high. The price of some bulk products has been priced at 97,000-98,000 yuan / ton. At present, the purchase price of VN plant is 96,000 yuan / ton. The quotation of VN alloy manufacturers is generally 150,000 yuan / ton, and they are not willing to sell at low price. As a result, the supply of low price goods in bulk market is less, but the turnover is still very small. At present, the manufacturer’s quotation of ferrovanadium is about 103,000 yuan / ton by cash, which is unchanged from last week.

This week, the large vanadium factories still reluctant to adjust their offers. Downstream alloy factories continue to hold a wait-and-see attitude. This month, steel bidding shows the positive attitude of steel mills to prepare goods. It is expected that vanadium price will remain strong in the near future. The willingness of the downstream factories to accept the quotation from the large vanadium plants gradually increased.