The Vanadium Market Remains Deadlock For Downturn Vanadium Alloy Trading This week, there are few vanadium alloy bids. After the centralized steel bidding at the beginning of the month, the alloy market has entered into a period of low inquiry. Most of the vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers have stated that the cost of vanadium is high, and the low price of vanadium nitrogen alloy is not available. At present, the general offer is not less than 140000 yuan / ton with tax by cash, and the inventory of some plants can reach 200 tons or more. The current purchase price of traders is 138000-139000 yuan / ton with rare transactions in the market.

In terms of V2O5 flake, this week’s mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake in bulk market was 93000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. The large V2O5 flake factory didn’t sign the order well, and the inquiry for V2O5 flake was relatively active, but the high-level V2O5 flake alloy factory was still difficult to receive the orders. In the short term, the upstream and downstream of vanadium market will remain deadlocked.