www.ferroalloynet.com: In late April, the vanadium price continues to be stable, while the trading of ammonium metavanadate and vanadium pentoxide has improved slightly. The market price of ammonium metavanadate is CNY 16-16.5, the acceptance price of vanadium nitrogen pentoxide is CNY 170,000/t , and the cash price of retailing market is CNY 165,000-168,000/t. The current transaction price of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy is still not optimistic. The quotation of downstream factories is firm, and that of ferrovanadium is CNY 175,000-180,000/t. The offer of vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories are relatively decentralized, the offer of a small number of factories is CNY 250,000/t, the offer of some factories which have utilized high-priced raw materials is maintained at CNY 255,000/t, and some of the more optimistic factories’ offer is CNY 260,000/t to be increased.

A new round of steel bidding is approaching, vanadium price is expected to enter the steel bidding at the current price. Although the stock pressure of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories in April is not as great as that of the previous month, they still need to face certain sales problems, which is unfavorable to the next-round steel bidding. It is better for traders wait for the guidance price of steel bidding.