The VN Alloy Offer Is Firm At the beginning of the week, there were few transactions of VN alloy, and the some traders wanted to buy it at the tax-include price of 143,000 yuan / ton by cash. Some manufacturers said they would not sell goods at low prices, while some said they could receive orders for futures but had no spot, so they could not reach a deal. Last Friday, some VN alloy manufacturers purchased V2O5 flake at a price of 94,000 yuan / ton by cash, with a small transactions. At the beginning of the week, some enterprises quoted price of 95,000-96,000 yuan / ton, which was too high to reach a transaction.

As the price adjustment intention of three large vanadium plants is not high, the current purchase price of VN alloy in steel plant is pressed to 143,000 yuan / ton by acceptance. According to the situation of steel bidding in the last week, the tax-inclusive mainstream steel bidding price is 145,000-147,000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Several major steel mills entered the market to purchase this week, and the expected purchase price is no less than 145,000 yuan / ton by acceptance.