The VN Market Is Under The Pressure the beginning of the week, the alloy market continued to be under pressure,and yesterday VN alloy bidding price was 167,000 CNY/TON acceptance including tax. Manufacturers mentality is slightly different, some manufacturers said the market is still not optimistic, and alloy factory can not escape the difficult state. Raw material prices are firm, and alloy prices are falling, so it’s possible to stop production; There are also some manufacturers believe that most of the current manufacturers are in the production order, and at the middle of month the market is slightly weak, but V2O5 flake price is firm, and alloy prices fluctuate in a narrow range, people in the market are waiting for the bidding at the end of the month, and the market may be gradually warming.

Today, the vanadium product quotation is the same with yesterday’s price, and VN alloy price is 166,000 to 170,000 CNY/TON in cash, and transaction of bulk goods is rare, people are mainly waiting and seeing the bidding; The quoted price of ferrovanadium is 1160-120000 CNY/TON. It is difficult for traders to have operating space, and the market inquiry is not active. Retail V2O5 flake offer is not much, and the price is not ideal, which is 110,500-111,500 CNY/TON in cash, and it’s difficult to inquire low price, so alloy factory procurement intention is not high.