The Weak Atmosphere Of VN Remains Unchanged; Mainstream Transactions Are Temporarily Stable After the recruitment of vanadium-nitrogen alloy ended, the market transaction atmosphere was calm. Retail traders, etc. mostly stay on the sidelines, and market demand is even weaker. The bidding price of some small quantities is still low, but most manufacturers are reluctant to ship at low prices due to cost pressures. The current mainstream transactions of vanadium-nitrogen alloys are temporarily weak and stable at 168,000-169,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance), a total of 5,500 CNY/Ton lower than last week; compared with the same period last month, it fell nearly by 21,000 CNY/Ton, a decrease of about 12.46%.

The implementation of the restriction on crude steel production is intensified, and steel mills are frequently repaired and reduced production. Vanadium-nitrogen alloys have maintained a downward trend for a long time under the situation of weak terminal demand. In addition, the decline of raw materials has slowed down than alloys, and the production of vanadium-nitrogen manufacturers continues to show in the upside-down state, most manufacturers reported that the operating pressure has doubled in the near future, and the manufacturers who have reduced production in the early stage have no plans to resume production.