The Weakness Of Vanadium Market Is Hard To Change In The Short Term In the downward phase of vanadium market, the buyers generally hesitated and focused on wait-and-see, which intensified the mentality of price concession of sellers. In the short term, it is difficult for the weak trend of vanadium market to improve, but the upstream and downstream declines are different. The price decline of V2O5 flake slows down, and large factories have a certain impact on the stable raw material market, while alloy end is dominated by bulk goods flooding the market. It is expected that the price will continue to fall in the later market.
Up to now, the quotation of V2O5 flake in the market is still 106,000-107,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. A small number of alloy manufacturers say that they can find the supply of 105,000 Yuan/ton, which is not the mainstream price, but most alloy factories accept to buy at 105,000 Yuan/ton. The price of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate and ammonium polyvanadate has recently declined with the price decline of V2O5 flake. At present, the price is at 101,000-102,000 Yuan/ton in cash. There are few downstream manufacturers buy at this price, and mainly to wait and see the bidding from the steel plants.
In addition to the normal production and delivery of documents by ferrovanadium manufacturers, the bulk market is active, with a quotation of about 106,000 Yuan/ton. Manufacturers also say that it is not easy to sign futures orders, and the future market continues to be weak, but the price of FeV is not much different from that of V2O5 flake, thus the overall downward space is not large.
Although manufacturers try their best to stabilize the market, the market mentality is fragile during the period of price downturn. At this time, the low price transaction information distributed by the traders made the purchasers suspend the purchase one after another. Although the normal price of manufacturers is at 163,000-164,000 Yuan/ton in cash, the spot price of bulk goods is as low as 161,000-162,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and buyers, especially traders, are reluctant to accept the spot price higher than 160,000 Yuan/ton in cash. There is also information dissemination of lower price transactions in the market. When the market price is high, many traders signed the orders with steel plants, and now they are actively shorting, so it is difficult to stabilize the VN alloy market in this state.
In addition to the obvious changes in resource flow when the price gap is particularly large, vanadium markets at home and abroad are more independent in the rest of the time. Although the price of vanadium in the foreign market is stable for the time being, it has no actual impact on domestic market. The import and export constant is maintained, and the weak trend of domestic vanadium market is hard to be changed in the short term.