The Whole Vanadium Market Is Stable In July, And The Short-term Future Market May Be Weak July, the prices of various products in domestic vanadium market was stable, and the fluctuation range were small. The raw material market had the large factories’ guidance effect, which was more stable for a long time. The alloy market had a small fluctuation because of the weak demand and the firm price kept by the manufacturers. However, the mainstream transaction still focused on stability.

According to the data of ferroalloynet, since June 19, the price of V2O5 flake market has been stable with price between 105000-106000 yuan / ton, and the mainstream transaction has always been around 105500 yuan / ton with tax by cash. Although the transaction price fluctuated in the short term, the mainstream transaction price has always fluctuated within the range. It is expected that this price will remain stable for some time.

Due to the delay of steel plant procurement, the transaction of VN alloy market is relatively slack. Traders are not optimistic about the future market and do not purchase easily. There are fewer inquiries in the VN alloy market. Although the manufacturers alliance maintains the market stability and maintains the due profits, a small number of spot goods are always quoted at low prices for transaction. Such low price selling will have a certain negative impact on the later market mentality.