The World’s Largest 100MW All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage And Peak-Shaving Power Station Has Entered The Single Module Commissioning Stage

Recently, the world’s largest 100MW/400MWh all-vanadium¬†redox flow battery energy storage power station, which is technically supported by the research team of Li Xianfeng from the Energy Storage Technology Research Department (DNL17) of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, has completed the main project construction and entered the single module commissioning stage.
The power station is the first phase of the “200MW/800MWh Dalian Flow Battery Energy Storage Peak Shaving Power Station National Demonstration Project”, and is the first 100MW large-scale electrochemical energy storage national demonstration project approved by the National Energy Administration. The project is provided by Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rongke Energy Storage”) to provide the battery system. Dalian Constant Current Energy Storage Power Station Co., Ltd. is constructed and operated, using the all-vanadium flow battery energy storage independently developed by our institute Technology.
The project is expected to complete the grid-connected commissioning in June, which will play an important role in alleviating the peak load pressure of the power grid in Dalian and even Liaoning Province, improving the reliability of power supply in southern Dalian, and accelerating the development of new energy. At the same time, the project will promote the application of large-scale energy storage in China in power peak regulation and renewable energy grid integration, and provide technical support for the energy revolution and energy structure adjustment to achieve the “dual carbon” goal.
In recent years, the energy storage technology research team of our institute has been adhering to the innovative development mechanism of production, learning, research and application, paying equal attention to basic and applied research, and combining applied research and technology transformation to solve the key problems in the process of flow battery industrialization. Scientific and technical issues have made breakthroughs in key core technologies such as key materials for flow batteries, core component stacks and system integration. Based on the technical support of the team, the energy storage technology research team and Rongke Energy Storage have carried out nearly 40 commercial demonstration projects at home and abroad, including the world’s largest 5MW/10MWh all-vanadium flow battery energy storage system demonstration completed in 2013. In the past five years, based on the team’s new generation of flow battery energy storage technology, the energy storage technology research team has completed nearly 20 commercial demonstration projects including the largest 10MW/40MWh grid-source friendly wind farm project in China.
The energy storage technology research team now has more than 150 invention patents authorized by countries related to flow batteries and 7 international patents; and has taken the lead in formulating more than 20 standards including the first international standard for flow batteries, leading the global flow battery technology, the development has produced significant economic and social benefits and strongly promoted the industrialization of flow batteries. The “New Generation Flow Battery Energy Storage Technology Team” of this project won the 2021 Chinese Academy of Sciences and Technology Promotion Development Award.
The above work has been supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Class A pilot project “Key Technologies and Demonstration of Transformative Clean Energy”, the National Natural Science Foundation of China Distinguished Young Scholars Fund, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Engineering Laboratory.