This Week The Price Of VN Alloy Rose Nearly 5000 Cny/Ton the beginning of the week, before the big vanadium factory pricing, traders’ inquiry are gradually positive, the VN alloy factory tentatively raised the price slightly in downstream, and VN alloy quotation is 162,000 to 165,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and ferrovanadium50 quotation is 113,000 to 115,000 CNY/Ton. Part of the traders resolutely purchase and look to increase in future market. Retail V2O5 flake traders do not offer, and wait for the big factory pricing

Tuesday, the price of three large vanadium factories in April is 112,000 CNY/Ton tax-inclusive, increased by 5,000 CNY/Ton than last month, and it boost people’s confidence in th market. Alloy factory immediately raised the price, and VN alloy quotation is 168,000 to 170,000 CNY/Ton incash, and ferrovanadium50 quotation is 115,000 to 120,000 CNY/Ton in cash. When the steel plants are bidding, the support of cost promote the alloy factory price to go up, and the steel plants’ acceptance is limited for a while, and they are bound to pressure the price, so the VN alloy bidding price basically is acceptance of 170,000 CNY/Ton, and the price of ferrovanadium50 is acceptance of 118,000-124,000 CNY/Ton. The Vanadium market price is bullish, and traders procurement is more cautious, and low-price resources is not much in the market. It’s difficult to accept the high price, so the actual transaction is not much.

A week, the price of VN alloy rose nearly 0.5 CNY/Ton, and alloy prices go up and the V2O5 flake price of big factory is high, and retail V2O5 flake offer 110,500-112,000 CNY/Ton in cash. It is limited for alloy factory to accept the high price, and intention purchase price is not higher than large factory’s price, but the holders of goods are reluctant to sell at low price and transaction is deadlock