Top Sealing Ceremony Of Dalian VRFB Energy Storage Project Undertaken By CSCEC On May 15, 2020, the top sealing ceremony of Dalian energy storage project, the world’s largest chemical energy storage project undertaken by China State Railway Investment Construction Group East China Company Liaoning Dalian Branch, was held.
Dalian energy storage project is located in Xigang District, Dalian city. It is the first large-scale national demonstration project of chemical energy storage approved by the national energy administration. It is also the only chemical energy storage peak shaving power station in China, with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan and a total construction area of 36519 square meters. After completion, it will become the largest VRFB energy storage power station in the world. It adopts the VRFB energy storage technology independently researched and developed in China and with independent intellectual property rights, which is suitable for high-power and large capacity energy storage. It has the advantages of good safety, long cycle life, fast response speed, high energy conversion efficiency, green environmental protection, etc.
As a key construction project in Liaoning Province, under the guidance of Wang Dai, Secretary of the Party branch and project manager, the party organization and the Communist Youth League organization have been given full play to their centripetal role. Starting from construction, project quality, safe production, civilized construction and cost control, the project has successively won the honors of the May 4th Red Banner League branch of the central enterprise and the advanced group of excellent service in Dalian.
Capping is just the beginning. Under the condition of ensuring epidemic prevention and control and safe construction, the CSCEC’s people will continue to push forward all works with full enthusiasm. The project is scheduled to be completed and handed over on September 30, 2020. Its construction and adoption of the two-part electricity price business model is a beneficial exploration for the commercialization of liquid flow battery and energy storage.