www.ferroalloynet.com: At the end of May, the bidding price of vanadium alloy has stopped falling and stabilized. The inquiries of traders in vanadium market has been active. The ferrovanadium manufacturers has begun to raise their quotations. At present, the mainstream quotation is CNY 130,000/t. The highest ferrovanadium steel bidding price is CNY 120,000/t, while some actual orders’ prices of traders are CNY 125,000/t, and there are few traders purchasing at the price of CNY 128,000-130,000/t.

Recently, the vanadium products market is still fluctuating. Some traders are bullish and have positive inquiries, but there are not many orders. This week, the steel tender is not much, and in the case of few terminal transactions, the market is mainly for stability. Brazilian ferroniobium prices have recently declined slightly due to weakening demand. At present, the price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is still superior to that of ferroniobium. The adjustment of ferroniobium price will inevitably affect the purchase demand of vanadium alloy in steel mills, and the two factors restrict and influence each other.