Traders’ Inquires are Active and Vanadium Raw Materials are Hard to be Purchased Up to now, the transaction tax-inclusive price of ammonium metavanadate is around CNY 125,000/t by cash, CNY 126,000/t- CNY 128,000/t for V2O5 flake, CNY 191,000/t- CNY 193,000/t for vanadium-nitrogen alloy, CNY 127,000/t- CNY 130,000/t for ferrovanadium. The price of vanadium has risen, traders are eager to make inquiries, and alloy factories have received few orders in recent two days. Because raw materials are not easy to purchase, some manufacturers no longer accept orders; a small number of manufacturers can accept orders, but the offer from raw material end is on the high side.

In the bustling vanadium market, whether vanadium prices rise dues to better terminal demand, or the market speculation of some traders has not yet clear, so there is a slight risk of large stockpiling. We remind vanadium enterprises to operate cautiously and continue to wait and see.