Trading Volume In Vanadium Market Is Slack present, there is no sign of centralized procurement of downstream plants, and there are few public bidding documents, which makes steel mills hesitant to purchase. The overall inquiry of vanadium market is relatively slack. The price of ferrovanadium slightly increased after the rising inquiries recently. However, the market no longer has any upward momentum, and traders have little stock up. The market price of ferrovanadium is at 104500-105000 yuan / ton by cash at present. The turnovers of V2O5 flake market are around 105500 yuan / ton by cash, with few quotations and inquiries. The VN alloy manufacturers quote 164500-166000 yuan / ton by cash, and the actual transaction volume is mainly 164500-165500 yuan / ton, and the market procurement is not much. The overall vanadium market is in a weak and stable state, which makes it difficult for traders to operate and basically wait and see.

At present, only the opening of bidding can stimulate part of the demand in a short time. But it seems that the steel mills intend to postpone this round of procurement slightly. The mainstream enterprises and manufacturers in vanadium market intend to strengthen the price and wait for the bidding.