Tranvic Group And Rongke Energy Storage Discuss The Industrialization Cooperation Of Vanadium Batteries And Vanadium Electrolyte March 24th, Hao Yue, General Manager of Dalian Borong New Materials Co., Ltd., and Wang Xiaoli, Deputy General Manager of Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Equipment Co., Ltd., visited Chuanwei Group to inspect the vanadium industry base, and exchange experience in the development of vanadium electrolyte and vanadium battery, and discuss the cooperation in the vanadium battery industry. Group chief engineer Xie Jianguo, xingming energy company general manager Pu Nianwen, deputy general manager Zhang Zhongyu warmly received Mr. Hao and his delegation.

After visiting the steel mill of Lianjie Vanadium and Titanium Steel production base of the group, and Vanadium and Titanium Products Factory and the demonstration production line of Vanadium Electrolyte of Longquan Xingming Energy, there is an in-depth exchange and discussion in meeting room 2 of the group.

On the symposium, Zhang Zhongyu, deputy general manager of Xingming Energy Company, introduced the short process vanadium electrolyte technology in detail, focusing on the short process vanadium electrolyte production cost compared with the traditional process analysis; Pu Nianwen, general manager of Xingming Energy Co., Ltd., introduced the research and development process of vanadium batteries and the resource allocation, technology reserve and future development plan of vanadium electrolyte industry. Melting secco energy storage equipment co., LTD., vice general manager of dalian herskovic introduced combining energy storage in vanadium battery technology development, product type, scale of production line and project application, and analyzed the problems and running mode to be solved in vanadium battery market and so on, and hope in the future to strengthen the cooperation of electrolyte with chuan wei group, etc; Dalian bo integrating new materials co., LTD. Hao yue, general manager of the paper analyzes the current situation of vanadium industry raw material and cost issues, and affirmed vanadium electrolyte technology of short process, and put forward three Suggestions for future cooperation. Firstly, it is the advantage of Tranvic group with the mature of vanadium industry vanadium materials in terms of cooperation. Secondly, it is to play to Tranvic group in the location advantage of southwest vanadium electrolyte in the production of supply cooperation. Thirdly, it is to play both sides the complementary advantages in the aspect of vanadium and vanadium electrolyte battery to develop vanadium battery application market.

Finally, the Group’s chief engineer Xie Jianjo agreed with Mr. Hao and Mr. Wang’s suggestion. He said that both sides have insisted on long-term investment in the field of vanadium batteries and vanadium electrolyte, especially Rongke Energy Storage leads the industry development in the vanadium battery industry and promotes the rapid development of vanadium batteries in the field of energy storage applications. Tranvic group not only has raw material advantages in terms of vanadium electrolyte, also developed the short process technology of vanadium electrolyte from the perspective of industry application. It could supply stability for the downstream vanadium battery systems integrators, and a large number of high-quality low-cost vanadium electrolyte. The two sides belong to the upstream and downstream relationships in the industry, and has a good complementary relationship, so they should strengthen exchanges and cooperation and combination, to jointly promote the development of vanadium battery industry.