Tsingshan Vanadium: V2O5 Production Line Of 4000 Tons/A Is Expected To Be Put Into Operation By The End Of The Year

Since this year, Renhe district has focused on the orientation of the new industrial zone, accelerated the completion of insufficient industrial fundamentals support. Actively promoted the construction of key industrial projects, strived to put into production as soon as possible to achieve efficiency, improved the development level, and played a good “strong industrial zone” battle.

As one of the strategic key projects of Renhe District, Tsingshan vanadium industry has completed the construction of production lines 1 and 2, and the construction of production lines 3 and 4 is in full swing. It is expected that all works will be completed by the end of August this year.

Tsingshan vanadium industry project started in October 2018, with a total investment of 230 million yuan. The completed production line is under single commissioning. It is estimated that the equipment installation will be completed in September this year, and the whole project will be completed in December this year. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual output of the project is 4000 tons of V2O5 production line, with an annual sales revenue of 400 million yuan and an annual tax payment of 30 million yuan.

Tsingshan vanadium industry project covers an area of 85 mu, and uses vanadium containing high calcium slag and vanadium tailing slag as raw materials to produce V2O5 through a series of processes. Vanadium pentoxide is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, mainly used for smelting ferrovanadium, 80% of which is used as alloy additive, 10% as catalyst of organic chemical industry, and 10% as inorganic chemical, chemical reagent, enamel and magnetic material, etc., so as to realize the comprehensive utilization of waste resources and improve the added value of products.