Twitter Slams Pravin Gordhan After Eskom Loadshedding Warning

With loadshedding on the cards this week, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan was thrust into the spotlight with critics on Twitter saying he was responsible for the shoddy conditions of state owned enterprises, particularly Eskom.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Eskom said that since the past weekend, plant performance had deteriorated with “unplanned breakdowns”, reaching a high of 12500 megawatts before reducing to approximately 11500 megawatts on Tuesday morning.

“Eskom is currently using emergency resources, being diesel and pumped water storage to keep the lights on,” read the statement.

Although the power utility admitted that it expected the return of several of its units on Tuesday and Wednesday, the probability of loadshedding remained low for the week. Their system remained constrained until at least Thursday.

“We remind customers that any unexpected shift, such as additional unplanned breakdowns or the unavailability of diesel or pumped water storage reserves, could result in loadshedding at short notice,” Eskom said.