Two New Storage Technologies In The Balearic Islands by EGP

In recent months, another important milestone has been reached. EGP won a tender in the Balearic Islands, in Spain, allowing us to integrate two new technologies for energy storage into the Son Juny and Son Orlandis photovoltaic plants in Mallorca: solid state lithium batteries and vanadium flow batteries.

These two technological solutions go beyond the most evolved energy storage systems, and will be tested to evaluate their actual storage potential in real operating conditions. Both technologies, each with its own specific features, promise to fill some of the most significant gaps in the current “standard” – lithium ion batteries.

The technologies feature greater stability and safety with regard to flammability, lower performance degradation – following repeated cycles of operation – and the absence of critical materials from the perspective of supply and sustainability (such as cobalt).

The two innovative storage systems are currently in the development phase. Once operational, their performance will be analyzed to validate their actual operating efficiency. The innovative journey towards the development and adoption of increasingly high-performing, flexible and sustainable storage systems continues day after day, to support the growth of renewable energy toward a 100% green future.