UK’s Zenobe Begins Work On US$900 Million Scotland Battery Storage Portfolio

International EV fleet and battery storage specialist Zenobe has today announced that construction has begun on three battery storage projects at Blackhillock, Kilmarnock South and Eccles in Scotland, which will total £750 million (US$892 million) of investment.
The sites are set to be “the first commercial contracts in the world to use transmission connected batteries to provide short-circuit level and inertia,” according to the company because of their commitment to providing 4.4GVAs of inertia.
The three projects have also been contracted to provide stability to the National Grid Electricity System Operator (NGESO) and help improve the reliability of the UK’s renewable power system.
Phase one of the Blackhillock and Kilmarnock South projects will go live in the first and second half of 2024 respectively, totalling 400MW/800MWh. Eccles, which is due to go live at the beginning of 2026, will have a capacity of 400MW/800MWh.
Once fully operational, the three sites will be added to Zenobe’s portfolio in Scotland, which includes the 50MW/100MWh battery storage asset in Wishaw. According to Zenobe this will bring its total portfolio in Scotland to 1050MW/2100MWh.
Outside of Scotland, Zenobe has recently begun construction of a 24MWh battery storage asset in Swindon.