US Rebar Imports Up 69.7 Percent In September

According to preliminary census data from the US Department of Commerce, US imports of rebar totaled 143,950 mt in September 2021, up 69.7 percent from August and up 268.3 percent from September 2020 levels. By value, rebar imports totaled $115.6 million in September 2021, compared to $69.2 million in August and $18.9 million in September 2020.
The US imported the most rebar from Algeria in September, with 42,662 mt, compared to 13,846 mt in August and zero tonnage in September 2020. Other top sources of imported rebar in September include Turkey, with 40,471 mt; Mexico, with 36,707 mt; Dominican Republic, with 11,772 mt; and Costa Rica, with 5,119 mt.