V2O5 Flake Offer Is Firm And Transactions Are Not Much

www.ferroalloynet.com:Recently the domestic vanadium price maintain stable, and the upstream raw material market transactions is not much. This week part of the transaction price of retail vanadium98% is in cash 111,000-11,1500 CNY/Ton, and low price supply is still difficult to purchase. In the middle of the month, the steel bidding reduced, and market activity also decrease.

The V2O5 flake raw material procurement enthusiasm has improved, but people in the market is more hesitant and cautious, and many manufacturers temporarily wait and see the future market, so there is a small amount of shipments. Powder vanadium price is less affected by market fluctuations, and most manufacturers complete long-term customer orders, and when the price is appropriate, there is a small amount of shipments.