Vanadium Alloy Bidding Price On 7Th-11Th September 2020 The summary of vanadium alloy bidding price is shown in the table below. The steel mills reduce the price of procurement based on demand, and the bidding price of VN alloy decreased slightly again to 157000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax compared with last week. There is less open bidding for ferrovanadium, and the purchasing price of steel plants is mainly at 105000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax. Alloy market is weak this week, upstream raw material market follows the adjustment. The price of retail V2O5 flake fell about 2000 yuan / ton this week, and the transaction price was reduced to 99000 yuan / ton including tax in cash. Some V2O5 flake manufacturers gradually cherish their goods and intend to wait and see whether the price of large V2O5 flake factories will adjust price or not next week. This week, only a small number of V2O5 flake of large plants was concluded, which was not purchased by VN alloy and ferrovanadium manufacturers. The market of ammonium metavanadate is also weak accordingly. The transaction price of metallurgical ammonium metavanadate 98% is 95000-96000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, with little fluctuation the transaction of ferrovanadium market is weak, most small manufacturers stop production, some manufacturers have a small order to maintain old customers, and the actual transaction price of bulk cargo is 102000-103000 yuan / ton in cash with tax.

Steel Plant Product Price(Yuan/ton) Qty(ton) Basis Date
JISCO FeV50 104800 20 Acceptance with tax Sep. 7th
JISCO VN16 157500 70 Acceptance with tax Sep. 7th
JISCO Yuzhong Steel VN16 162000 90 Acceptance with tax Sep. 7th
ZENITH VN16 157000 120 Acceptance with tax Sep. 7th
Guangxi Liuzhou Steel VN16 159000 20 Acceptance with tax Sep. 8th