Vanadium Alloy Bidding Prices Are Firm In the past two days, the domestic vanadium market has gradually ended the wait-and-see state after holidays passed. The manufacturers’ willingness to offer has increased, and the traders’ inquiries have increased. The bidding prices of some steel plants purchased after the festival show that the market prices are still climbing up slowly. Up to now, there have been few transactions of V2O5 flakes in vanadium bulk market, and the quotations are intended to be higher than the prices of large plants. The prices are about 94,700-95,000 Yuan/ton in cash. In April, all V2O5 flakes of large plants have sold out. Production to be sold in May. The market quotation of ferrovanadium was increased to 100,000-102,000 Yuan/ton in cash, while the actual transaction price was around 99,000-100,000 Yuan/ton, and the latest steel bidding price was only 101,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. The quotation of VN alloy manufacturers continues to be firm. At present, the spot price is 145,000-150,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Some of the manufacturers that quoted 144,000 Yuan/ton in cash yesterday raised their offer by 1000 Yuan/ton today. It is difficult for traders to purchase when their inquiry price is  143,000 Yuan/ton in cash.
From the current market price of VN alloy, it has basically reached the production cost line of large-scale V2O5 flake factories, and the cost upside down is over. The next small increase can fight for profit space for VN alloy manufacturers, and it is expected that the manufacturers will be more firm in their attitude to support the market price.