Vanadium Alloy Manufacturers Persist In Strong Quotation Since the beginning of this week, the quotation of downstream vanadium alloy slightly increased, the actual transaction is not much smooth, the overall trend is relatively synchronous, but slightly different.
The operating rate of ammonium metavanadate enterprises is low, and they are reluctant to sell at a low price due to high production cost. The quotation of ammonium metavanadate is raised to 82000-85000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. The downstream alloy plants could not bear the high price, so they choose to purchase V2O5 flake. Chemical enterprises purchase based on their demand, and it is difficult to inquiry with a low price, so the transaction price was slightly increased to 81000-82000 yuan / ton by cash with tax.
Although the price of V2O5 flake has been raised to 81000-82000 yuan / ton, it is still in a deadlock state. Due to the lack of high-level transaction of alloy, the manufacturer’s purchase price of V2O5 flake is no more than 81000 yuan / ton by cash with tax.
There is no fluctuation in the ferrovanadium market for the time being. Manufacturers generally offer at 90000-91000 yuan/ton by cash with tax, while the actual transaction price of bulk cargo is 89000-90000 yuan/ton.
The price of VN alloy is firm and progressive, yesterday, Kunming Steel reverse bidding, the starting price is 126000 yuan / ton by cash, but lost the bid. Traders said that at present, VN manufacturers have a strong mentality and low intention to offer low-cost goods. They generally offer at 127000-130000 yuan / ton by cash, and the actual transaction price is 125000-126000 yuan / ton. The trading space is small and they are not willing to attend the bid.