Vanadium Alloy Market Will Keep Strong Trend Since May, the steel plants’ purchase of vanadium alloy has increased significantly. Under the condition of accelerated terminal circulation, the vanadium market has maintained a strong trend. Influenced by different factors, the upstream and downstream vanadium products have different market performance and uneven momentum of growth. However, it is expected that the vanadium market will mainly fluctuate and strengthen in May, with low possibility of falling back.
1. Raw materials: the bulk goods continue to be tight, and the inquiry rises the quotation
In the past two days, the large vanadium plants have signed the bill with 96,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. According to the latest news, Tranvic has signed out the quantity of V2O5 flakes in May, and Desheng is also signing the bill normally. Jianlong said that it is expected to sign the bill for sale today and tomorrow, and Dagang has signed the orders for June with the price of 94,500-94,600 Yuan/ton. In general, large factories are  expected to sign out the V2O5 flakes volume of the whole month in the middle of May. The cost price of long-term agreement alloy factories is clear. It is expected that the inquiry in the bulk market will be dense in the later ten days, and the V2O5 flake price of the bulk market may be increased. It is understood that there are many inquiries of 94,500 Yuan/ton in the bulk market in recent two days, but it is difficult to clinch a deal, and the spot goods are in short supply. Some suppliers begin to receive the inquiry of 95,000 Yuan/ton.
2. Ferrovanadium: weak growth, mainly looking forward to growth
Influenced by the rising atmosphere of the market, most of the ferrovanadium manufacturers and traders have also raised their prices. At present, the quotation of the ferrovanadium is 102,000-103,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, but the actual transaction is still dominated by 101,000 Yuan/ton. Although compared with the market price before the May Day holiday, the current market price is strong, but compared with the price of VN alloy, the growth trend is relatively slow, and there are not many market inquiries, and most of the manufacturers are eager to increase, the actual transaction is followed up slowly, but most manufacturers have certain profit space.
3. VN alloy: Maintain the upward trend
Up to now, the market price of VN alloy is no less than 146,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Compared with the previous day, it has been increased by 1000 Yuan/ton, and the transaction is good in the market according to this price. The transaction price of the steel plant provided by the traders are 147,000-148,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the bidding price of the steel plant is 149,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. The bidding prices of some steel plants are 150,000 Yuan/ton and above due to payment methods and other factors. Yesterday, Benxi Steel received the lowest offer of 150,800 Yuan/ton by acceptance with tax, but finally lost the bid.
According to our understanding of VN alloy manufacturers, there are not many manufacturers in stock at present, most of them are signing the orders, and the bulk market is beginning to see a rise. In recent days, some steel mills will enter the market for purchase, and the market will not be quiet before the end of the month when the steel bidding comes. The VN alloy market will remain strong this month with the active market activity. Therefore, it is judged that there is still room for later market to rise, and bulk raw materials will usher in the opportunity of price rise in the third ten days of this month. In terms of steel mills, this month, the output of rebar has increased to the same level of last year, and it is expected that the increase of output in the later period will slow down, which will gradually reduce the pulling force of demand for vanadium alloy, which shows the limited space for vanadium market to rise.